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Warhazard is a science fiction comic that follows the exploits of two central characters: Phi and Abram. They both command huge armies and are constantly at war, whether with each other or with another faction. However later in the series various other main characters are introduced.

GUYS. We apologize for the many inconsistencies this wiki has displayed storywise. War Hazards is an evolving universe, and names, dates, and places are frequently changed. For instance, most of the "TRN" articles are no longer canon. However nobody here has any idea how to remove these pages. We would welcome some professional help.


Warning: Please do not add anything that is non cannon or is not directly associated with the Warhazard series. Until, we it is approved by the wiki founder, Phibot, please DO NOT add anything without the proper approval. Anything that is not related or accurate to this comic will be removed from this wiki. Thank you for your cooperation. -The Warhazard Wiki Team.

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